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Use my arsenal of knowledge and digital tools – from targeted social media advertising to contextual advertising and website optimization – to grow your business and increase revenue.

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Your business will get a new round of development with me

“Unlock the potential of your business!”

Personalized Strategies: Every business is unique. I approach strategy development with a full understanding of your goals, needs, and market niche. My solutions are tailored specifically to your business in order to distinguish you from the competition and maximize your potential.

My goal is not just to perform a separate service, but to provide your business with everything necessary for its development. This includes strategic planning, optimizing all aspects of your online presence, and ongoing analysis to adjust and improve results.

Transparency and accountability: You will always be aware of what actions are being taken to promote your business and what results they bring. I provide detailed reports and analytics so that you can see the real impact of our cooperation on the growth of your business.

By choosing to cooperate with me, you get not just digital marketing services, but a reliable partner who fully invests his knowledge and experience in the success of your business. Together we will overcome any challenges and take your business to a new level of development, where growth, innovation and success will become its essential attributes.

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Цифровой Алхимик

Превращаю базовые идеи в золото успеха через комплексное применение цифровых инструментов и стратегий.


Multi skills

My path reflects my desire for development and mastery in the field of digital marketing and web development. I am looking forward to new projects and opportunities for cooperation! I am ready to use all my experience and arsenal to successfully promote your business!

Design/Website development

Your brand should be visible on the Internet – I will create a website that will not only be remembered, but also work for you!


Using data on how the brain perceives information, I create visual and structural elements of the site.


Increase your search visibility and become the first choice for customers with SEO and marketing solutions.

Trends and algorithms

I'm not just optimizing your site for search engines; I'm making it as user-friendly and attractive as possible.


Reach your audience through VK, OK, Insta, FB social networks with precise targeted and creative strategies.

Analytics and creativity

By studying the behavior and preferences of your target audience, I create personalized advertising campaigns.

Contextual advertising

Attract more potential customers with the help of the Yandex Direct and Google Ads. An accurate hit on your target audience!

About the budget

My goal is to maximize the ROI of each advertising ruble, ensuring that your business grows and expands its customer base.


Digital Resources


Google Drive

Real-time collaboration speeds up the approval process and ensures that everyone has access to the latest versions of files.


CRM Bitrix24

It allows you to track all stages of interaction with the client, from the first contact to after-sales service.



Control over advertising in Yandex. Direct, VK, Avito, Telegram, etc. Tracking contracts, accounting documents and advertising labeling.


Contextual advertising management. Site analytics. It allows you to optimize advertising campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

лого рег ру


A popular domain registration service that also offers hosting services, SSL certificates and various tools for webmasters.

  • Diving

    I start with a deep analysis of your business model and an understanding of the end goals and consumers in order to create the most effective promotion strategy.

  • Ideas

    Brainstorm and develop strategies to comprehensively promote your business in the digital world.

  • Research and Analytics

    An integrated approach to market research and competitor analysis allows you to find opportunities for the growth of your business.

  • Testing and Launch

    Conducting testing of all project elements before launch. Launching a project and monitoring its work in real time.

  • Management and Automation

    Automation of routine processes and effective project management through specialized services, reducing costs and increasing productivity



Filling out the brief is the first step to a successful partnership. The brief ensures the most effective implementation of your project.

- A brief for creating a website
- A brief for creating contextual advertising
- A brief for creating targeted advertising

A plan or task that helps define the main goals, objectives, audience, and functional requirements for a future web resource.


This brief serves as a basis for understanding the advertiser's goals, target audience, budget and expected results.


This brief provides the performer with all the necessary information to develop and launch a personalized advertising campaign aimed at a specific audience on social networks.


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Price list

Tariffs for services


$ 700
Ideal for small startups or personal brands looking to start their online presence.
Creating a website on a WordPress CMS (if necessary)
Basic SEO Optimization
Setting up accounts in 2 social networks. networks
Launching contextual advertising
Corporate Mail


$ 1500
It is perfect for medium-sized businesses seeking to increase online sales and expand their audience.
CMS WordPress website development (if necessary)
Comprehensive SEO optimization
SMM-promotion in 4 social networks. networks
Contextual advertising management
Managing targeted advertising
Analytics and reporting


$ 3500
Designed for large companies and brands in need of a large-scale marketing campaign with full immersion and a range of services.
Website development and support (if necessary)
Deep SEO optimization
Marketing analysis of competitors
SMM-promotion in all social networks. networks
Developing and maintaining a content plan
Comprehensive advertising management
Personalized email newsletters
Campaign reporting and optimization

Please note that the rates may vary depending on the specific tasks and needs of your business. I am always ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation in order to offer you the best solution that suits your capabilities.

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